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Connection. Empowerment. Building on each others’ strengths.

Let’s be honest, how many times have we seen leadership teams composed of very bright and talented individuals with a story paved with successes that just seem not to function at their best together and miss an opportunity to achieve the results they aim for?

In this case, individual coaching might not be the answer. It might be more powerful to work at a more systemic level, as the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.


The starting point of systemic work with a team is to help the team to “see” and learn more about itself, its strengths, its challenges, its potential, its interactions, and support it in working with what emerges.

I design and develop workshops and team coaching projects that enable teams to come together in new ways in order to become more self aware of their collective potential.  I can help teams better identify their shared purpose and their collective development path to solve challenges and ultimately become more effective in getting results and driving change in our turbulent times.

Thanks to my certification as a SCRUM Master, I can also support teams working in agile settings, bridging mindset work with practical tools to support them in their change and development journey.

  • Have you identified some crucial leadership topics where your team needs to focus? Has the organisation embarked on a transformation project that requires an important upgrade in certain leadership competences? I can help you in designing and delivering interactive workshops on topics such as leading change, servant leadership, self awareness for new leaders, coaching competencies for manager...
  • Are you leading a newly formed team? Or is your team going through a challenging time with low team morale, toxic communication patterns, poor conflict management, low creativity and productivity? I can support with a team coaching project to help the team become aware of its issues and collectively work on them.
  • Have your leaders worked individually on their self-awareness and development using The Leadership Circle Profile™ and would like to take a step further to enhance their collective effectiveness as a Leadership Team? We can design a Leadership Team workshop during which the leaders share about their main findings on their individual assessment with other members of their team, request and share further feedback, and create mutual accountability on their action plans. The leaders will also work on their collective profile, identify the One Big Thing they want to focus on as a Leadership Team, build and agree on a collective action plan.

All projects are co-designed with you. Therefore methodologies, duration and type of intervention are defined based on your distinctive needs and characteristics.

Marta actively supported the transformation of our Company towards a more flexible and network-based organization with a higher managerial skill level, thanks to her deep understanding of training and development market trends and tools, her rigorous managerial approach, her commitment to a high service level to customers and her coaching approach.

D.D.-Human Resources Director

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