Leadership Assessment

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Leadership Assessment

A great way to start an individual or team development journey is to be aware of how we show up today in terms of strengths and leadership challenges.

A 360° assessment tool allows us to self-assess ourselves, as well as request feedback from a wide range of assessors: our managers, peers, direct reports, other people we interact with.

The analysis of the assessment results thus allows us to become more aware of the impact of our behaviours and of our blind spots.

The leadership assessment tool that I have chosen to use with my clients is the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)™ , which is the 360° leadership assessment developed and owned by The Leadership Circle ® and administered and debriefed by Certified Practitioners like myself.

It is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information so that key opportunities for leadership development immediately rise to the surface.

While most 360° profiles focus on either management style and personality, competencies, or underlying tendencies, the LCP combines all three of these areas into one comprehensive tool.

The Leadership Circle Profile ™ (LCP) is a very powerful, innovative and effective tool. It is not only focused on assessing the present skills and competences of a leader, but very much oriented towards the analysis of the underlying beliefs and assumptions that influence the way the leader shows up today. A good analysis and debrief of the profile enables a deeper understanding, more self awareness and thus a possibility to build a more impactful development path leading to lasting results.

For more information about LCP, please refer to The Leadership Circle website.

I have extensive experience debriefing LCP for hundreds of leaders across the globe, particularly in the pharmaceutical, energy and financial sectors.

Some of the clients I work with use LCP as a starting point for individual or team development journeys, some of them do extensive assessments to raise the overall awareness of their leaders and support a cultural and mindset shift across the Organisation.

When a client decides to use LCP, I support them throughout the whole process: internal communication with leaders on the process and tool; activation and management of the assessment online platform and its data; monitoring of the whole process (i.e. completion of assessments, sending of reminders when needed…) and of course individual analysis and debrief of the profile with the leader.

Besides doing individual debriefings, I also have experience in Leadership Team workshops during which the leaders share their individual and collective profile, identify the One Big Thing they want to focus on as a Leadership Team and start building a collective action plan.

All my work can be delivered in English and Italian.

Marta has made a significant contribution to our leadership development, where she has successfully coached a wide range of coachees from various countries in our company. The feedback has been consistently exceptional. Marta is very reliable, flexible and conscientious. I appreciate our partnership, her commitment and her talent as a coach.

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