Growth Expedition

If you are ready to take your leadership to a whole new level, by extensively leveraging your creative competencies, and by becoming aware of your limiting tendencies and your own best way to manage and address them to unleash your full potential, this is the best solution for you.

We will use the Leadership Circle Profile 360° leadership assessment as our compass, both at the beginning of our path and towards its end, in order to identify the leverage points and be able to measure progress and impact in a measurable, statistically-proved way.


In this program, I will not only be your coach, but also your accountability partner, supporting you on an ongoing basis, through a variety of means.

You will have access to my support for 18 months, including:

  • The Leadership Circle Profile ™ (LCP) full 360° leadership assessment- please follow this link for more details on how I work with LCP. 
  • Debrief of your assessment during a dedicated 2-hour coaching session, in order for you to fully grasp the meaning of the profile and decide on which areas you would like to start working on in your development journey
  • Coaching sessions to support you in working on the identified areas. You will have access to unlimited coaching sessions for the first 9 months of the program, followed by monthly sessions to sustain your transformation and development path during the following 9 months.
  • Ongoing continuous support through weekly asynchronous checkpoints, in order to keep accountability and focus between sessions: I will ask you to update your own Development Journal throughout the whole program, which will be shared with me and on which I will give you weekly feedback and input.
    I will also suggest, when appropriate, a targeted selection of relevant articles, videos, papers, or books that can be interesting for your focus area.
  • Participation in two group interactive workshops, where we will deep-dive into some of the main leadership dimensions explored in The Leadership Circle Profile framework.
    This group activity will allow you not only to gain more insights on key leadership competencies, but also to exchange with other leaders and leverage opportunities for lasting peer support
  • A second full 360° leadership assessment using The Leadership Circle Profile ™ (LCP) towards the end of the program, including a 2 hrs debrief session to discuss the shifts that occurred thanks to your developmental work, and to identify the next steps
  • One follow-up coaching session after 6 months from the end of the coaching path, in order to share your progress and jointly discuss further needs

I have recently been promoted to become part of the Executive Team.
I am extremely excited but I also feel my leadership might need an “upgrade” to face the new important challenges ahead of me.
I am committed to investing my energy in it, and at the same time I need to find ways to measure my progress and know that I am going in the right direction!

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