Focus and jump

If you are ready to learn more about your present leadership effectiveness, identify your “One Big Thing” to become a more creative leader, and work on it, this could be the best solution for you.

I support you through the use of the 360° leadership assessment tool The Leadership Circle Profile ™ (LCP), to gather valuable input from those you work with in order to understand how you are showing up today as a leader and the impact you have.

We analyse their feedback and, considering your priorities as well as the researched statistical correlation with leadership effectiveness, identify your “One Big Thing” that could have the biggest impact on your leadership.

Our coaching will then focus on how to design and implement your action plan in order to get the results you set for yourself.

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In this package, you will have full access to my support for 4 months plus a follow-up after 6 months. This includes:

  • Set-up and management of your leadership assessment using The Leadership Circle Profile ™ (LCP). You only have to select your assessors and do your own self-assessment, I take care of the whole process, which will be completed in maximum 1 month (to learn more about LCP, click here)
  • Debrief of your assessment: We will have a 1,5 hour coaching session focused on your LCP Profile, in order for you to fully grasp the meaning of the profile and decide on which area you would like to start working on for your leadership development, i.e. your “One Big Thing”
  • Coaching sessions to support you in working on your “One Big Thing”, articulated in up to 1 coaching session by phone or face-to-face* every other week lasting 1 hour each
  • Unlimited catch-up calls between sessions upon request
  • Recap emails from me after each session, including, but not limited to, suggestions for exercises to do between sessions, links to articles or videos to watch in order to keep momentum and focus
  • One follow-up coaching session after 6 months from the end of the coaching path, in order to share your progress and jointly discuss further needs

*Face to face coaching suggested only for coachees based in Basel or surrounding area.

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