Individual Coaching

Safe space. Empathy. Positive Energy.

Coaching for me is supporting you achieving your objectives by closing the gap between where you stand now and where you want to stand in the future, both in your personal and professional life.

In order to achieve this, I listen to you with deep and full focus, ask you powerful questions, challenge you to take risks and help you explore possible alternatives. I reflect what you show and express and I offer different points of view for you to consider. I help you build a concrete and time-based action plan and review your actions with you session after session, keeping you focused on your objectives.

My coaching experience has taught me that, when choosing a coaching path, it is important to consider two dimensions:

Do you already have a clear focus area on which to work (e.g. a development need arising from a previous assessment or from feedback received) or you first need to get a clearer picture of priorities of action?

How much time and effort can you commit to? Do you feel an urgency to get to a turning point in a few months or can you allow yourself more time to dig into a broader spectrum of your leadership competencies?

Based on these dimensions I designed my three signature programs:

Boost - Perfect path when you already have a focus area on which to work and need to get to action in the shortest time possible

Focus and Jump - Ideal path when you want to have a clearer picture of where you stand now in terms of leadership effectiveness and then focus on the “One Big Thing” that will have the most impact on your success

Explore and Fly - Excellent path when you want to have a clearer picture of where you stand now in terms of leadership effectiveness, deepen your self awareness of your creative competencies and limiting tendencies and then build a broad development plan that will take your leadership to a whole new level.

Learn more about these programs by clicking on the boxes below, and if you feel a different duration or mix of methodologies would better suit your needs, get in touch and we can design together the best tailor-made path for you !

Boost your leadership by addressing your “burning needs”

Focus on your “One Big Thing” and Jump to become a more creative leader

Explore your present leadership effectiveness and Fly to take it to a whole new level

The key elements to describe Marta are empathic, listener, genuine, caring and insightful. Marta really helped me in understanding what I was not focusing on, which ultimately led to a big jump in my quality of work, on my personal satisfaction and on my career.

T.T.-Senior GLobal Project Manager

All my coaching can be delivered either in English or Italian.

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