A.R. Group Head of Organizational Development
I found Marta to be both empathic as well as highly skilled at knowing the right question to ask to allow me to turn the corner in my own thinking, or to reframe things in the right perspective so that my choices became even clearer. I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Marta, and would recommend her without a doubt to anyone else going through a similar transition!
M.P. Senior Legal Counsel
I was happy to discover Marta’s ability to listen, to create a safe space for me to express my feelings and become more aware of different ways energy can be driven, in order to improve and focus on useful objectives. I also appreciated her positive approach and confidentiality. I am sure coachees can gain great benefit from her help!
G. T. Project Manager
Marta was a wonderful coach, able to help me, through deep listening and focus, in improving my business relationships issues and solving some of my personal uncertainties.
S.S. Head of Communications
Marta is determined, professional, and effective in leading you to answer all the difficult questions that will bring you on the right path to realize your potential. After a couple of weeks of her coaching I gained a better understanding of my purpose and became more aware of my existing potential. Marta revamped my drive thanks to her positive energy and empathy. I regained confidence in myself and I got aware that the only thing between me and what I wanted was just myself.
S.G. Senior Communication consultant
Marta is a very skilled coach, who has a unique ability to ask the right questions to help her clients see things from a different perspective. She knows exactly how to quickly get to the core of the issue and to help identifying the right solution.
T.T. Senior Global Project Manager
The key elements to describe Marta are empathic, listener, genuine, caring and insightful. Marta really helped me in understanding what I was not focusing on, which ultimately led to a big jump in my quality of work, on my personal satisfaction and on my career.
L.C. Business Controller
Since the first meeting Marta was able to establish a friendly, positive and motivating environment helping me in deepening my self-awareness and focusing on my goals.
J.M. Global Organizational Effectiveness Lead
Marta has made a significant contribution to our leadership development program, where she has successfully coached a wide range of coachees from various countries in our company. The feedback back has been consistently exceptional. Marta is very reliable, flexible and conscientious. I appreciate our partnership, her commitment and her talent as a coach.
D.D. Human Resources Director
Marta actively supported the transformation of our Company towards a more flexible and network-based organization with a higher managerial skill level, thanks to her deep understanding of training and development market trends and tools, her rigorous managerial approach, her commitment to a high service level to customers and her coaching approach.
C. F. Organizational Development Business Partner
What a great listener, fully present, and so supportive!! Every Leadership Circle coaching session was enlightening and delightful!