NEW PROGRAM! Walk & Grow

Do you feel stuck in your professional life and would like to start moving, physically and mentally, but wonder where to start from?

Do you feel like endless hours in front of a screen have consumed your energy?

Are you craving more time to invest in yourself, your own wellbeing and self-development?

Are you ready to unleash your creativity to create outcomes that really matter?

Have you thought about starting a coaching path, but are still unsure that doing it face-to-face in an office is a good choice at this moment, and cannot stand the idea to add one more video-call to your agenda?

I designed a new program JUST FOR YOU!!

A program where you can get the benefits of a leadership coaching path and more physical exercise all together.

How is this possible?

We will have our coaching conversations while walking outdoors, thus engaging at the same time mind and body.

Coaching while walking will not only create additional benefits in terms of your overall well being and your energy level, but will also awaken your potential and stimulate your creativity, mental clarity and ability to focus, as shown by countless scientific studies.

If you ever find yourself having your best ideas and insights while walking back from work or walking your dog instead of sitting at your desk, you know what I am talking about! 

How does it work in more detail?

For two months we will meet every week for 1 hour, during which I will support you through coaching conversations in focusing your objectives, exploring creative alternatives and defining your own best way to get the results you envision for yourself, while walking in the beautiful setting that Basel is offering us.


There are several possible itineraries that we will follow for our walks. I have selected them so that they can be quickly and easily reachable by public transportation from anywhere in Basel area, are flat and don’t require any physical preparation, are off the beaten track and quiet.

Get in touch with me to discuss how this new program could be the best fit for you!

If you have any physical impairment, please reach out and we will find a creative solution to suit your needs