If  you feel stuck at a certain point in your career and wonder what you should focus on

I your team has been restructured, you now need to work in a more “agile” way in a flat organisation, and all your management techniques that have worked for years seem not to be effective anymore

If  you have recently been promoted, have a new team to manage and feel overwhelmed by the responsibility and requests from your team members

If  you feel you could be more effective in your leadership and feel ready to evolve, but don’t know where to start from and what could have more bottom-line impact 

If  you feel torn between your managerial role and your parental responsibilities

If  you feel like a hamster in the wheel, work endless hours, yet at the end of the day are not sure anymore of where you are going and what’s the purpose of it all

You have come to the right place!

I can support you in your development journey, with an open mind, a warm heart and… a proven set of methodologies and tools for leadership development that simply get results!

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