My mission

as Leadership Accelerator


I am the founder and owner of Ghezzi Coaching.

My mission is to support you and your teams in achieving a more effective individual and collective leadership, and have a greater impact in your organisations and beyond, thanks to increased self awareness and fuller expression of your potential.

I offer a wide range of methodologies going from individual coaching, team coaching and workshops’ facilitation, to leadership assessments using The Leadership Circle Profile ™.

I am certified as a PCC coach by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and as a Leadership Circle Practitioner by The Leadership Circle® (Full Circle Group). I received my coach certification training in Leadership Coaching with The Forton Group Leadership Coaching School. I am also trained with CRR Global on ORSC™ (Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching).

My clients range from individual leaders that want to invest in their leadership development to large corporations that seek a partner to design and develop leadership programs for managers and executive teams.

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