More about me

Citizen of the world

I was born and raised in Italy. I spent a couple of years in the United States and a few months in South America during my childhood, and one year as an exchange student during high school with a lovely family in South Carolina.

In 2017 I moved with my family to Basel. I fell in love with the charming old town streets, the beautiful green hills I see every day from my window, the river along which I go running, and the closeness to nature and its rhythms.

My biggest passion is travelling - long and short distances - discovering new cultures, meeting new people, enjoying the richness and variety of our beautiful planet, tasting new food…

I love discovering far-away places off the beaten track- from remote villages in Yemen to the Bagan temples of Myanmar, from trekking in the Sahara desert to the amazing nature of the Galapagos islands, from the forests of Kalimantan and Papua New Guinea to the pristine Comoros islands… I come back from each journey with eyes and heart full of unforgettable images and sensations, and with a growing appreciation of the beauty that lies in the differences among cultures and perspectives.

At the same time, I absolutely love to explore short-range our host country Switzerland and its beautiful nature. Every time I can, I jump in my camping car with my family and fully enjoy the freedom of exploring without timetables or predefined plans. Biking along a river, canoeing in a lake, hiking or skiing in these beautiful mountains are some of our favourite activities.

This passion for travelling has been life long, thanks to my parents who took my siblings and I travelling since a very early age. It is shared by my husband and kids, with whom we share a long list of “must-see places”.